Chronicling 19 years of “NEVER GIVING UP!”...An Urban Entrepreneur’s journey down the “Yellow Brick Road of the American Dream”...a fascinating story of Free Enterprise vs. Capitalism...and intense study of Race vs. Wealth!

Since 1990, with the invention of one the most needed products in the fitness industry, an interesting chain of events have led to a “Close of Closing Proportions.”  The foundation is laid.  The pieces are in place.  The players are in position.  The deal should be closed. But will it?  Who’s trying to kill it now?

Commando Dave was supposed to be another statistic of prison and death; the middle kid of a single, Black, mother of three.  Instead, by 30 he became one of the rare few to invent a useful product, get it to market and sell it in a growing industry.  He sold the product globally for six years; a successful test market to any School of Business.  Call it a “bulls-eye.”  However instead of getting paid, he’s only gotten grief from Corporate America’s “deal killers.”

Some people can be pushed too far.  Certain people can be pushed into becoming “The Hulk;” growing from such an acute anger that they become an unstoppable force on a no-holds barred rampage.  For Commando Dave, the anger is his passion, the force is his will and GOIN' ALL IN! is his media rampage.       

Opening in the 63rd floor office suite of a high-powered, Seattle IP law firm, GOIN' ALL IN! focuses on a NYSE-listed manufacturer in Vancouver, WA as it takes you to a Connecticut private equity investment firm and through the “bling bling world” of the NFL and NBA as it races along an amazing route, picking up interesting passengers in various locations all across America.

Through events carefully documented on Websites, Webpages, eMails, Blogs, Internet Radio accounts, Real Media, DVD interviews and meetings, Goin' All In! intriguingly traces and tracks the people, places, and circumstances involved in an amazing story. Goin' All In! is scripted only from actual communication, written as it’s going along in actual pursuit of the American Dream.

Proceeds from Goin' All In! go to the creation of THE Commando Dave Foundation; committed to long-range, entrepreneurial planning, for disadvantage youth in cooperation with various organizations.

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